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Urinary Disorders

Multiple Abscess on the Kidney



my niece has been diagnosed with multiple abscesses on her kidney..this is uncommon, and i am very worried. what can you tell me about treatment for this condition please.. thank you


Yes, kidney abscesses are uncommon, but there are certain conditions that may increase the likelihood of developing them.  These include structural abnormalities of the kidney (sometimes present from birth), kidney stones, and diabetes.  Sometimes abscesses appear in the kidney as a complication of a kidney infection, and sometimes they develop because bacteria are spread to the kidney by a bloodstream infection. 

The treatment of kidney abscesses is IV antibiotics and may even involve some surgery to drain the abscesses, or in severe cases, removal of the kidney (not common).  Do not be afraid to ask your niece's doctor to explain to you why this is happening to her.  Good luck to her!

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