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Lung diseases

White Spots on Lungs



My father has had these white spots on his lungs for two years now. He has been on antibiotics for that time and they have not helped. His only symptoms are shortness of breath. His lungs can only hold 68% of the air a normal person at his age should be holding. A doctor said the name of a disease it could possibly be and he said it was very rare but was reluctant to tell me the prognosis. I remember it was a four word condition. Could you help?


I have to apologize here. The question as so many sometimes do, has at least 4 distinct issues. In general the more specific information that I have, the better answer I may be able to give. I am afraid that I just do not have sufficient information to help a lot here.

The issues I see are:

1) White spots present for at least 2 years of unclear size, appearance, number or stability.
2) An underlying lung problem suggested to be rare and having 4 words
3) Symptoms of shortness of breath which may or may not be related to the 4 word problem or the spots.
4) Lung function of 68%.

I can best suggest detailed discussion with your physician regarding diagnosis, symptoms and prognosis.

Best wishes.

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Robert  Schilz, DO, PhD Robert Schilz, DO, PhD
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School of Medicine
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