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Kidney Diseases

Scarred Kidney Due to Renal Stone



Hello I had renal stone left kidney at 12 yr of age, underwent ESWL and was asymptomatic but on USG at age 23 I was found to have scarred, small kidney. On further investigation the urine and blood tests were normal but GFR was 67. I want to know what are the complications related to it and how should I best manage this condition? Thank you.


Sounds like the left kidney may be working very little, so if you have just one functioning kidney, a GFR of 67 is what is expected.  The important questions for your doctors to answer are:

1) Why did you get a kidney stone at age 12?
2) Are you likely to get more stones? 
3) How did the left kidney get so badly damaged by a stone?  (this is unusual)
4) Has there been any damage to the right kidney? 

You should be seen by a kidney specialist within the next few months, and should be tested for protein, blood, and bacteria in the urine, as well as having the radiologist take a careful look at the right kidney to see if anything looks abnormal about it.

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