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Lung diseases

Pleural Thickening on Chest X-Ray



I have MVPS and recently I took a chest x ray as I had pain in the ribs (near the sternal angle)and symptoms of exertion breathlessness (which family dr says may be due to MVPS) I tall thin built. No history of asthma or wheeze or cough. The x ray report says bilateral apical Pleural Thickening and prominent BV markings. GP simply ignored my xray stating it was a previous scar due to primary complex during childhood and the rib pain might be due costochondrities or GERD. I am concerned whether the pain is due to condition mentioned in the report. I don`t have any exposure to asbestos or any thing like that. The x ray report which was taken 1 year back came with a normal report and when enquired my GP says the radiologist might have ignored the plueral thickening scar as it is a common phenomena. Please advise to proceed further in a proper direction.


This is a common and frequently subtle finding on CXR's. Therefore it is frequently missed or not commented on by radiologists. It is seen in tall, thin patients with MVPS and would not cause your symptoms or be of any medical significance. 

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Jeff E Weiland, MD Jeff E Weiland, MD
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OSU Asthma Center
College of Medicine
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