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Sports Medicine

Problem with Shin



A few months ago I had a problem with my shin and I thought it was shin splints, GP thought it was Tendonitis and Physicotherapist thougth it was compartment syndrom. I also have RA. It was cause by me coming off a major three month flare and going back to walking. I did to much to fast to soom. I went to PT and he used machine and ultrasound on the shin that helped to heal it. My shin is good now for a few months. Do to other health problems I again had to stop my walking and now that I am walking agian I get the same pain in my shin again put only when going up hill. I am walking slow and taking my time. I was not able to doing my walking for two weeks so I didn`t think that it would be to hard to get back into walking. When I walk the shin gets very tight, tires easly, feels like my skin on my shin is going to burst open from feeling so tight, alot of pressure, pain and muscle craps. When I walk my foot just drops as I finish that step. I know that you can`t tell me what is wrong but who do you think is closer to the right problem? I want to avoid it from happening again. Is there any thing different that I can do to stop it from coming back?


With the tightness and swelling you are feeling, and with the foot dropping, it sounds like it could be compartment syndrome. You should see a physician who is familiar with compartment syndrome to get a better evaluation. Compartment syndrome can cause more serious problems than pain (and the foot drop you are experiencing may be one of those problems), so I think you should see someone soon.

Also, if you perform a search of the NetWellness website using the term "compartment syndrome", currently this will return 13 results.

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