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Athletic Training

Pain Down Leg



Hi, I am a competitive curler and over the past couple seasons i`ve been getting this pain in my leg that goes all the way down from the top of my thigh, past my knee and through my calf/shin. I only feel the pain after i have been throwing (if your unsure with curling its when my leg is bent underneath me while i slide, there is also lots of pressure on the knee). I don`t get the pain at any other time in my day unless its after practice or a game. Its definitely worse if i don`t stretch properly beforehand. Any answer would be very helpful. Thankyou


Thank you for your question. Has the pain limited your ability to compete in the sport of curling? You don't mention if you have pain in your back or if it is solely located in your leg.  Pain in your leg can occur from a source above your leg like your back or can occur from a structure within the leg itself.  

I would recommend a follow up with your local sports medicine professional to evaluate your problem as to the source of your pain and determine an appropriate treatment plan to control your symptoms which keeps you on the ice and enjoying your sport.  

Good Luck!

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Janine   Oman, MS, PT/ATC Janine Oman, MS, PT/ATC
Assistant Athletic Director
Instructor at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University