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Eye and Vision Care

Left Eye Pain



i am having pain in left eye for past 3 weeks? it comes and goes and not severe (bearable)? 10 hours on computer daily i work? been to 2 eye doctor and they see everthing is ok including eye pressure ? could it be brain tumour (very worried)...i did ny CT scan of brain just 5 months back for some other reason and everything came back normal then..what do i do


Since the pain is not severe, is not persistent, and since you had a negative CT scan just 5 months ago, I think it is highly unlikely that this is related to a brain tumor. With your extensive daily computer use, I would suspect that you are experiencing a binocular vision disorder (a focusing problem or a problem with using both eyes together) of some sort. Many optometrists/ophthalmologists often do not run a full battery of binocular vision tests at a standard exam, so therefore a potentially treatable condition may have been overlooked.

I would try to schedule another exam and explain to the doctor what your concerns are. He/she should be capable of performing the appropriate testing, and if not, they should easily be able to make the correct referral.

I hope this helps.

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Aaron  Zimmerman, OD, MS Aaron Zimmerman, OD, MS
Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University