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Colorectal Diseases

Pain From Colon Stricture



I had a partial colon resection 7 weeks ago due to diverticulitis. From about the fourth week on, I began having increasing pain, nausea and inability to pass stool. A cat scan showed a narrowing at the surgical site. The doctor did a very simple procedure in office to correct the stenosis. IT only lasted for days and symptom became much worse. I was sent to the ER to check for a leak, and another cat scan showed an increased stenosis. Was sent home, given anti nausea meeds and told to beware of abusing laxatives. Question is, is this something I am supposed to live with? The pain is worse then the diverticulitis was and I have lost 45 lbs just since surgery, I don`t know what to do.


No, this is not something you should expect to live with.

Unfortunately a stricture at an anastomosis may need to be surgically repaired, and in most cases it is best to wait at least 3 months after one abdominal operation to have another.

You may want to seek another opinion from a surgeon unrelated to the case, who can give you a second and unbiased opinion.

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Janice Frederick Rafferty, MD Janice Frederick Rafferty, MD
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