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Vascular Surgery

DVT and Surgery



I`m 40yr old male I had Median arcuate ligament syndrome laproscopic surgery before that they tried to put stent and I developed clot in arm which they repaired I got DVT multi clots in right leg and I was on 10mg of coumidin per day for 9mos the doctor took me off of them.right before my umbilical hernia surgery I stopped wearing the compression stocking because they give me more pain its been 1 1/2 mos now and my leg is back to cramping and intense pain I`ve been taking vicodin now for over 1yr which it doesn`t help much. In the arm they repaired I have developed a hard knot further up my arm which I still have problems which they say its nerves growing back but I have noticed veins visible still feels like tearing inside.My question is should I have the knot looked at also when I had my last ultrasound she asked me if I had a filter I said no she said I need one.So should I seek different doctor.


I think you should address all these questions with your doctor. The person performing the ultrasound would not be the appropriate person to recommend a filter. 

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Jean  E Starr, MD Jean E Starr, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University