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Kidney Diseases

Stones and RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery



On the 18th I am having laparoscopic RNY. Just found stones in ureter of left kidney. Moderate hydronephrology. EGR 42. I need this surgery. Trying to weigh the risks.


I can't give a definite answer to your question, since you don't mention your age, your gender, or the reason why you are having the Roux-en-Y -- I assume for weight loss? 

However, kidney stones, when accompanied by moderate "hydronephrosis" (blockage of the kidney) and such a low GFR are definitely of concern.  It would seem safer to postpone the gastric surgery and do something about the kidney blockage first, unless the imaging studies show that the stones have been there for a long time and the kidney is severely scarred.  In that case, fixing the kidney may not make any difference in kidney function; but in any case, you should definitely be followed by a kidney specialist while you are in the hospital after the surgery. 

Also be aware that having the gastric surgery may make you more likely to develop stones in the future -- another reason why it's a good idea to try to get rid of the ones you have before the surgery.

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