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I have had a case of mollescum about 2 yrs ago and just recently acquired it again been with the same lady for 4 yrs both have been exclusive. Is it true that once you have this it stays in your system and can break out at any time the rest of your life? Is there any way to prevent future out breaks? Thanks


Molluscum is caused by a virus. Each lesion has a molluscum body inside it which must be destroyed/removed through various means, such as curettage, liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, topical solutions, etc.

It is more common in children who can get a lot of these lesions on their trunk, arms, etc.

In adults, genital molluscum can be sexually transmitted. The recurrence of molluscum, especially if one gets a lot of them, may indicate a weakness in the immune system. Laboratory tests for other sexually transmitted diseases may be considered. HIV testing should also be considered, if molluscum is recurrent. 

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Elma D Baron, MD Elma D Baron, MD
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