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Root Canals

Partial Root Canal Over 15 Years Ago



I had a partial root canal done over 15 years ago, which went fine and I haven`t had any problems. Our dentist says he really hasn`t seen anything like it. So I have a tooth which is partly alive and dead. I never had a crown put on. I`m 61 years old and question if the root canal should be completly done and a crown put on. Since I have never had a problem, can I just get the crown or should I just get leave it alone. Have you ever had a situation like this?


It is too difficult for me to answer this without having evaluated you. There are situations where non-ideal root canal therapy is left alone because it has been successful for many years. However, you are now having something new done to the tooth (a crown) so the answer depends on the reason for crown placement, etc., etc. Situations like this arise very commonly in an endodontic practice so I would seek an evaluation by an endodontist if you are unsure of your treatment options.

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Melissa McCartney Drum, DDS, MS Melissa McCartney Drum, DDS, MS
Assistant Professor of Endodontics
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University