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Mucous Sac Holding Mucous Like Stool Together



My son is 5 years old and had little bit of diarrhea 1 day with abdominal pain. Then the next day he complained of stomach pain on and off without diarrhea, out of no where he farted and what looked like a lg ball of mucous filled poop covered by a strong film holding it together came out. He went to the washroom and a little bit of mucous came out with no poop. I have never seen a film holding it all together before (looked kinds like a sac) is this normal and what causes it?


Passage of mucous is not unusual in the face of constipation or irregularities of bowel evacuation. It is likely that this represents passage of anal mucous that has accumulated and should not be cause for alarm. 

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James E Heubi, MD James E Heubi, MD
Professor and Associate Chair of Pediatrics
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati