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Lung diseases




I have ABPA Bronchiectasis and have had two collapsed lungs. My coughing episodes usually lasts 6 months. I am always on steroids and itraconazole. it ususally works but this time I have been coughing since Dec 2009. I am really tired, my lungs rattle and I did bring up plugs of sputum but now I just cough. What else can I do. I know I am allergic to mould, I live near a lot soil, do you think That contributes to my cough?


Unfortunately ABPA is a chronic condition that has periods of worsening as well as periods of remission. Typically patients are responsive to the Itraconazole and corticosteroids that are used as treatment of acute flares. 
It is important you are seen by a pulmonologist to exclude any other causes of your cough other than your ABPA. If you have not been seen recently, I would schedule a follow up with the physician prescribing your steroids. Any irritants such as mold can worsen your cough. Unfortunately the mold that is in the soil is everywhere in the environment. It is impossible to completely remove yourself from these allergens, although typically just being outside does not expose you to the common types of mold that live in soil. You should wear a mask when doing any yard work, soil or composting. This will help minimize your allergen burden.

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