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Dental and Oral Health (Adults)

Separation Disease of the Gums



If a cotton swab is pushed with some effort on the areas of my gums that appear redened, the skin splits and separates. My dental pathologist is looking for separation disease. I am having a biopsy done on the gum. Can you give me some information on this disease. I understand it is something I will have to deal with but there is medication to help it.


There are actually several different diseases that could be described as "separation disease," which is why your oral pathologist is doing a biopsy. The biopsy findings, often with special immunologic testing (direct immunofluorescence testing), will determine which one of these you have. It would be best if you wait until you find out which disease this is, because they have different types of treatment depending on the diagnosis. Your oral pathologist should be able to give you some guidance with respect to treatment.

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Carl M Allen, DDS, MSD Carl M Allen, DDS, MSD
Professor Emeritus of Oral Pathology
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University