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Urinary Tract Cancers

Why So Long Before Good Urination Again?



I had superficial cancer (1 cancer at about 1.5 cm) scraped from my bladder. After the 7 day duration of the foley, it still took about 3 full days until I could fully empty my bladder. My Dr said the scraping in my bladder wall traumatized my bladder tissue and it needed to “recover” from this trauma to function properly. OK, all well and understood. I know the bladder muscle contracts and expels the urine out of it. Exactly how does the scrapping interfere with the bladder muscle contractions? It seems like a small area of where the wall was scrapped would not impact bladder muscle contraction. OK, it does. But how? What is going on at the muscle cell level to interfere so hugely with normal bladder contraction? I am 81 years old and curious. My anesthesia was simply propofol. Thanks.


Placing a cystoscope and or a resectascope into the bladder can effect the bladder emptying. It is possible that the scope caused some inflammation of the prostate gland through which the urethra (water channel) passes or the water used in the procedure could have stretched the bladder mucscle itself. Either may have created more work for the bladder to empty post operatively. Anesthesia, pain medications and other medications can also effect bladder function. It is not uncommon for it to take a while for the bladder to completely empty after a bladder tumor resection in both men and women.

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