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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Is there a chance I have adult ADHD?



This might sound strange, but after randomly taking an ADHD test after seeing someone else take it, I was shocked to discover that it said that I had a high chance of ADHD. While I know that these online tests are not accurate, I did feel a strange feeling of relief, after doing some research. Like, all of the sudden, all the problems and troubles I`ve been facing in my life had a name.

I`ve been trying SO hard to overcome my inability to focus, my procrastination tendancies, immaturity and being called lazy and `not achieving my potential` through sheer willpower, although by doing this, I sunk into that pit further. And now, I`m actually HOPING that I get diagnosed positive, as now, I will now have a concrete name, AND a solution to my problem.

However, I do not have anything against bright lights. (Noise, however, is a diffferent matter) Nor am I `always on the go` or `like I`m on a motor` There is also no chatter or buzzing in my head, but my thoughts DO bounce around like a pinball machine.

I admit I will be quite dissapointed if I am tested negative. Even if I was tested negative, is it possible for me to recieve treatment for the problems stated above and more? Thanks in advance!


There is no "test for ADHD" as such. Diagnosis depends on history of a chronic pattern of problems with attention and/or hyperactivity and impulsiveness. You should consult a mental health professional with experience in diagnosing and treating ADHD. In doing so, it would be helpful to take along any old report card comments and someone who knows you well and can describe your typical behavior to the diagnostician. This could be a parent, close friend, roommate, or intimate partner. 

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