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Spine and Back Health

Shooting Electric Pain in Neck



while working i felt a burning stinging shooting pain in my neck at the base of my skull.It shot into my head like a horn and down between my shoulder blades and out to my shoulders.So i just eased up on my job and asked for help and got it.During the weekend following my left arm went numb.And lasted thru Monday,While at work my manager sent me home til i seen my doctor.Seen him told him,sent to P.T for my lower back which made my neck worse.Told P.T people that every day,and the doctor.Gave pain pills,and rest. The pain gets worse doing anything that involves use of any muslce lifting anything for any period of time,walking up and down my stairs.It hurts sometimes riding in my car(bumps in the road).Test- C.T,E.E.G,E.M.G`s,Corodid Dopler,4 M.R.I`s. 2 of my neck,lower back,no con,head with contrast.Nothing on c.t,or e e g,done for an seizure type thing that happen couple months later.e m g showed coarpole tunnel right arm,nerve problems in feet.The first neck m r i showed nothing,at the same time the lower showed degen disc in several and l-5 nerve root slightly affected,but it said mild.the next neck showed degen disc in a couple,head m r i showed nothing nurse said today on phone.Its been 7 months with no help,sending back to p t. Doctors ive seen-my doc is internist-referd to pain specialist,neurologist.ask the nero to look at the neck mri`s he said he doesnt need to.then he orderd the head w / con. my job was- down stacking pallets and sorting restacking. pallet weights- 16 to 40 plus pounds. involves reaching above my head to below my knee`s for 8 hours.restacking from 30 to 45 high. done between feburary and august. no hilo involved 85 to 95% of time,not in the budget they said.25 to 34 stacks done alone most of the time. should i ask for and mri standing up of my neck?help please it even hurt to sit for too long,times i cant move at all.


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