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Root Canals

Severe Pain after a Root Canal



I had a root canal performed on my back right lower molar almost two weeks ago. At that time the endodontist mentioned that he wasn`t able to get all the way down on one of the canals and hoped "nature would take it`s course". I still had pain a few days later, which I knew was normal. Six days after I was still having a lot of pressure sensitivity when biting. The tooth was also throbbing and the whole area around it was hurting still. I called the endodontist back and they put me on antibiotics and prescribed pain medication.

I have now been on the antibiotics for 6 days. The pain has not gotten better and in fact tonight it`s so bad I can`t sleep. The tooth is throbbing and when I was eating earlier I accidentally bit down on that side and it was an intense sharp pain which caused me to be in tears and the tooth ached immensely for almost 30 minutes after. My jaw is hurting on that side of the tooth and now I`m starting to feel a bump under where the tooth is. I`m guessing this might be an abscess?

Should I wait another day until I`m completely done with the antibiotics before contacting my dentist again? I know some pain is normal, but is this type/amount of pain normal? What would be causing this, and what can be done? Please help!







Thank you for visiting NetWellness.  I have previously answered a question very similar to yours, and the link below will connect you to that information.   You should definitely check with your endodontist if you have questions or concerns.

Feel free to write back if you still have questions or need an explanation.

Best wishes.


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