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Athletic Training




Please give me a few isometric tricep exercises


An isometric exercise is one in which the muscle is contracting but not changing in length. This is often done by pushing or pressing on a stationary object. A couple examples for the triceps would be:
1. Sitting Triceps Press: In this exercise, you sit on a chair or stool, with your arm at your side and elbow bent to 90 degrees, push your hand down against the arm rest, your leg or something stationary to your side. 

2. Standing Wall Press: Standing with your back against a wall, your arm to your side with your elbow bent to 90 degrees; push your elbow back against the wall. 

3. Standing Triceps Stationary Pull: While standing, grasp a fixed (rope, bar, ledge, etc?) object in front of you with both hands. Keep your elbows at your side and bent to 90 degrees and push or press down against the object. 

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Mike  Sypniak, MS, ATC Mike Sypniak, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University