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Eye and Vision Care

Frequent Eyestrain and Serious Headache



My VA for right eye is 6/60 and left eye 6/5. After eye examination, my prescription is -0.75DS for RE and -0.25DC. The optometrist don`t explain to me what`s the actual problem of my eye. Is is because I have lazy eye that cause my VA to be so different for both eyes? I wore the glass prescribed and oftenly I ended up not wearing them as I suffered serious headache after wearing glass for long hours. Eyestrain is common even if I wear my glass. I can`t concentrate long during lectures as my vision gets blur and tiring eyes. Besides, I can`t do well for my job that requires binocular vision as I can`t see well without glass. Is there any possibilities that I need prism for my glass as I read about internet that most glasses would need it to reduce the eyestrain? Tks.


Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I can not give you a diagnosis without examining you. I recommend that you contact your eye doctor and report the symptoms that you are experiencing. If your doctor is not able to resolve these symptoms, then I recommend that you request a referral to an eye doctor that routinely treats binocular vision disorders.

Finally, all patients deserve to understand their diagnoses. You should always feel free to ask for clarification when needed. If necessary, ask for a written list of your diagnoses to research after leaving the office.

Good luck!

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Andrew J Toole, OD, PhD, FAAO
Clinical Assistant Professor of Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University