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Sports Medicine

Is There Any Other Treatment??



When i was 14 i started getting severe knee pains,i was in track, cheerleading, and volleyball, i just bit my tongue and took it. My parents made me go to a sports knee and joint dr. when i was 15, i was in so much pain after practice & games that i would just cry and cry. The dr. told me i had Chondromalacia, Quad Tendonitis, and Osgood-Schlatters. He said that my quads are completely ruined, and that i dont have any cartilage in my knees left. That if i continue sports that i would become crippled early in life. I gave up sports but had to continue working at mcds family business for anther 7 years. The pain just got worse and a lot of times aleve or advil wouldnt help. Sometimes when i have to walk upstairs, i get this sudden pain in one of my knees that feels like a knife stabbing. The dr told me the other treatment would be knee replacements but that i`d have to wait till my 50`s?? Is there any possible treatment before then?? im only 21, i cant run, walk for semi long periods of time, walk upstairs, squat, dance, i would like to live a normal life without the pain and numbness, or my knees just going out.


I would recommend that you get a second opinion from a primary care sports medicine physician. There are different treatment options that can be explored. The physician may also want to look into other disease processes like autoimmune diseases if this hasn't already been ruled out.

Best of luck.

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Kendra L McCamey, MD Kendra L McCamey, MD
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Associate Director, Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship
Team Physician, Ohio State University Athletic Department
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