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Orthopedic work on 9 month old



Hello, I have a 9 month old son with Metatarsus Adductus of the left foot. His Dr. wants to put a long leg cast on him to correct it. In order to do this they say he will need an anesthetic while casting. They say he will not have an IV but will have a MAC. I am wanting to know what drugs are typically used in a MAC for an infant. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have. Thank you.


MAC is monitored anesthesia care, a widely used term but not a particularly useful or descriptive term. See other NetWellness articles on this subject. In fact, all anesthesia is monitored.

It is more accurate to speak of sedation (mild, moderate or deep) and general anesthesia. Often the same drugs used to provide sedation, in greater doses are used to provide general anesthesia. In the case of an infant, mild sedation is not really an option. Placing a leg cast is not a painful procedure but will require your child to be moderately or deeply sedated. This can be accomplished with IV drugs like propofol, or with gas, like sevoflurane, sometimes combined with nitrous oxide, another gas anesthetic.

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