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Digestive Disorders




I have been have gallbladder problmes for 3 years going on 4. In Febuary I started having problems with it while I was pregenant with my now 16 month old daughter. How would liver enzymes end up in my gallbladder and in my biol duckted?


If you have had problems with your gallbladder for such a long period of time, you likely should have it removed. You were not very specific in terms of what "problems" you are having, so it is a little difficult for me to be specific with you. Your liver enzymes may or may not be elevated with gallbladder issues. One of the enzymes, alkaline phosphatase, in particular, may be elevated. As it is relatively easy to remove the gallbladder, as it is basically a same day surgery procedure, if you are having pain, nausea, etc, and you have had an ultrasound showing either stones or sludge in the gallbladder, after being ted by a surgery, it is likely that you would benefit from its removal.

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Steven  M Rudich, MD, PhD, FACS Steven M Rudich, MD, PhD, FACS
Professor of Surgery, Director of Liver Transplat and Hepatobiliary Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati