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Can I Take Atenolol 100



Since 1979, I had allergic brochitis bout for which I used to take Deriphylin Retards 300 twice( etofylline 231 mg, theophylline 69 mg.) In 1989 I started having BP and tachycardia for which I was given Atenolol 100 and subsequently Amlodepine 10 mg and losartan 100 and Indapamide SR 1.5 added.

From 1989 till 2011, I had isolated twice or thrice seasonal variant bronchitis. Since March 2011, I had a shortness of breath while changing side during sleep and PFT rvealed MODERATE RESTRICTION MODERATE OBSTRUCTION.INSIGNIFICANT RECOVERY. X RAY revealed There is a prominence of fundal gas shadow with elevation of left dome of diaphrag. Linear opacities are seen in left lower zone above the dome of diaphragm which appears to be due to small area of linear atelectasis. Minimal pleural thickening seen in the left costophrenic angle. Rest normal

I have been advised to discontinue atenolol 100 and advised to take Nebivolol 10 mg alongwith other above medicines though I find that since March 2011 till date, depsite taking nebivolol, I do not find any difference . I have been suggested Doxophyline 200 mg twice which has been discontinued yesterday.My query is as follows :Can I take atenolol 100 because it is much cheaper than nebivolol


Thank you for contacting Net Wellness.

Both atenolol and nebivolol are cardioselective beta-blockers that are used to treat hypertension. This means that each one of these agents works with very specific receptors or sites in the heart and blood vessels to control high blood pressure in very unique methods. They each are used in a variety of other disease states such as congestive heart failure or migraine prophylaxis. Atenolol has been used for more disease states than nebivolol as it has been available and researched for a longer period of time.

The agents are similar in their side effects, but the atenolol does not stay in your body as long as nebivolol giving it added benefits. In higher doses, atenolol will affect the receptors in the lungs. Both agents reduce your blood pressure. You should never abruptly discontinue either one of these medications. If you stop taking either one of these suddenly you will run the risk of developing chest pain, a heart attack or other complications with the thyroid gland if susceptible. They should be slowly tapered over a period of 1 to 2 weeks.

Caution should be used with using amilodipine and either the atenolol or nebivolol as the combination may causes changes in your heart's rhythm and low blood pressure. The other agents may cause low pressure in combination with atenolo or nebivolol. Doxophyline is not available in the United States and I have no knowledge or experience with this medication. I'm sorry, but I am therefore not qualified to make any statements regarding its use.

On this site, we try to answer general questions about medications and health. We cannot recommend therapies or regimens. Treatment of your condition should be tailored to your specific disease and symptoms. I would consult your prescriber and voice your concerns regarding the price of the atenolol verses nebivolol.

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Sarah Hudson-DiSalle, PharmD, RPh
Specialty Practice Pharmacist of Outpatient Pharmacy
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University