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Genital Tuberculosis & IVF



Hi, I was diagnosed with Genital Tb in August 2009. I took medication for one year. Was recently operated for recanalisation of Fallopian tubes which accordingly to the doctor went fine. I still had latent tb and took medication for 3 months. I continue to be on grade III medication and have been advised to try conception. I have no hormonal problems and my ovaries and uterine cavity have no visible adverse effect due to Tb. I wish to know what are my chances of conception naturally or through IVF. Are there cases of successful conception and child birth after genital tb.


Answer Genital TB can be a serious fertility problem. Your chances of getting pregnant after treatment depends on:

 1) your age (younger is better)
2) the amount of tubal scarring
3) the amount of endometrial scaring (the lining of your uterus)
4) any other fertility problems, such as low sperm count or ovulation problems.

If your tubes are damages by TB, the chances of getting pregnant without IVF are low. If you have endometrial scarring as well, pregnancies are uncommon with any type of treatment. If you have tubal scarring, but no endometrial scarring, IVF is usually recommended if you do not get pregnant naturally or with other treatment within 6-2 months of TB treatment.

A fertility specialist can give you more specific information about your chances for pregnancy and the best treatment for you.

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William W Hurd, MD William W Hurd, MD
Professor of Reproductive Biology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University