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Kidney Diseases

Kidney Problems - Next Steps?



I have a congenital defect of having one kidney. It was injured during hysterectomy surgery. I had constant stents for 5 years. I found a doctor who said he could fix it. He took a lot of my bladder and made me a new ureter. It is connected through the bottom of my bladder so I have urinary reflux. My potassium is usually low (3.3), My BUN is 30, my creatinine is 1.9-2.1. What is next for me?


Low potassium could result from renal losses. This can be corrected with potassium supplements. There are other potential causes of low potassium such as medications and excess losses in the stool. Kidney function is not normal. The goal would be to prevent further deterioration. If you have hypertension or diabetes these need to be controlled. You need to avoid medications that could harm your kidneys such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). An example of this is ibuprofen, but there are many others. You should check with your doctor to determine if the reflux is a factor in your kidney function and if surgical correction is indicated. You should see a nephrologist for further input about the particulars of your case.

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