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Prostate Cancer

PSA Level of 2.69 8 Months After Removal



I am 62. The PSA was 2.52 April `09 and 6.7 Nov `10 Because of the velocity of the PSA a biopsy detected cancer. The Prostate was removed Jan 18 `11. The margins were clear and the pelvic lymph nodes were clear. The PSA in April `11 was 1.91. My doctor expected a 0 and called the results unusual. The Aug. `11 test was 2.69 My doctor recommended radiation. What`s going on and what are they going to radiate?


The fact that your PSA is rising suggests there is residual cancer. This is often at the site of where the prostate was. The urologist may want to order a bone scan and CT scan of the pelvis. Radiation of the pelvis would be appropriate assuming the scans are normal. The hope is that the radiation will destroy any residual prostate cancer that may be present.

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Lee E Ponsky, MD Lee E Ponsky, MD
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