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Sports Medicine

MRI Report, but Couldn`t Understand the Terms




This is a translated version (from Google translate) of the MRI report that I got after the MRI was taken. But I struggle to understand the terminology, thus I need someone who understand this to tell me what is happening with my meniscus. The report follows:

Made knee MRI examination of the standard sequences and planes. Detected a linearly changed signal on the back of the horn of lateral meniscus, which is mounted sideways and down to the intra articular space. This finding is in favor of traumatic lesion rupture that interaction with articulated space. Small signal changed linearly of back horn of medial meniscus that goes in addition to its partial traumatic lesion. Proper morphology and signal to cross, and collateral ligament and patelar too. Proper morphology of skeletal and cartilaginous structures and patelarn retinacoluns. We detected an increased amount of fluid, intra articular and retro and suprapatelarno.

Thank you very much for your time and help with my problem.

Best regards,


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