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Newborn and Infant Care

Safe allergy medication during pregnancy



my wife and I have just found out that she is pregnant, her allergist told her that she could not take claritin anymore but now she is sneezing constantly and is miserable. she does have a vancenase inhaler is this safe for her to use to overcome her misery? are there any other drugs that she can take ? My wife also has asthma and the allergist told her that she could continue with those inhalers but did not mention Vancenase


Since this question refers to the safety of a specific medication during pregnancy, it has been referred to the Pharmacy/Medication Ask an Expert. Look for your answer in a few days under safe allergy medication during pregnancy. It is extremely important that your wife consult her health care provider prior to adding any medications or stopping any medications she is currently taking.

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Safe allergy medication during pregnancy

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