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Newborn and Infant Care

Breastfeeding studies



Are there any studies about low income families and the incidences of breastfeeding?


This is an interesting topic! A study that may be of interest to you is: Caulfield, LE, Gross, SM, Bentley, ME, Bronner, Y, Kessler, L, Jensen, J, Weathers, B, & Paige, DM (1998). WIC-based interventions to promote breastfeeding among African-American women in Baltimore: Effects on breastfeeding initiation and continuation. Journal of Human Lactation, 14(1), 15-22.

In addition to the research report itself, you may find the 17 references of value. (The Journal of Human Lactation is the official journal of the International Lactation Consultant Association/ILCA.)

La Leche League International would be a good source of information. Call 847/519-7730 or 800/LaLeche or contact them via their web site: www.lalecheleague.org/

Abbott Labs: Ross Labs Division, Columbus, OH tabulates statistics from their mothers surveys and breaks the data down by geographic area, socioeconomic information, etc. I believe their most recent data is from the year 1996. They also can be contacted via a web site. Search for Abbott or Ross Laboratories or try: www.healthanswers.com/healthanswers/sponsordirectory/ross/index.htm

Good luck in your search! If this is not quite the information you are seeking, let us know and we'll try again!

Sincerely, Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, MSN, RN, IBCLC

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